Office of Boating Safety from Transport Canada

Private Buoys (Navigable Water Protection Program)

Navigable Waters Protection Program:

An Owner’s Guide to Private Buoys TP 14799 (see pages 8-9 for information about the Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations):

Any questions about private buoys should be sent to the Navigable Waters Protection Program: or 519-383-1863.

Rental Boat Safety Checklist     This link goes to the Standard and also includes a sample Checklist.

Any questions about rental boats should be sent to Gina Belrose – or 519-383-1983.

Schedules with the restrictions for VORRs. This is where people can search for their waterbody to see if there are any restrictions already in place.

Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations

Transport Canada: Marine Transportation

Transport Canada: Safe Boating Guide

Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations

The Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations – A Boater’s Guide to Signage:

Includes information on how restrictions are imposed,  how  restrictions are enforced, and how to read a restriction sign.

The Local Authorities’ Guide to Boating Restriction Regulations:

This is the detailed guide for local authorities (ie. municipalities, councils).

Any questions about rental boats should be sent to Jonathan Doan – or 519-333-6304.