We are developing a test on Mirror Lake & the Indian River with a view towards rolling out to other areas if successful.  As part of its mission Safe Quiet Lakes conducts periodic research, about lake activity to understand the joys, issues and concerns about the varied lake use in the region, as well as boaters’ attitudes and behaviours.

The is survey is in the field from October 10th to November 3rd, 2019 and is focused on the experience of residents and boaters on the Indian River (from Lake Muskoka to Rosseau including Mirror Lake).

Your observations and opinions will help guide our efforts to address some of the issues on this part of the lakes and to measure the impact of those efforts.

We need to hear from as many people as we can. In most cases we do not have the email of everyone who uses your residence or cottage or your neighbours, so we ask you to forward this email to all who you believe should share their voice on these questions. Please enable everyone who is concerned (or not) to have their say!

This survey should not take more than 12 minutes.

  1. Please complete the survey no later than Sunday, November 3rd.
  2. There is an opportunity at the end of the survey to write in additional comments which are often very helpful.
  3. Now please follow this link to the survey: Survey link
  4. Please share the link with your friends and family who use or live on the river.

Please note your responses are entirely confidential. Results will be analyzed and reported in aggregate form. No individual participant or their responses will be identified.