You can support Safe Quiet Lakes by starting the conversation in your area, volunteering your time and expertise, or donating today.


Start the conversation

Very often, a quiet word with a neighbour who is operating a watercraft in an unsafe or disrespectful manner, creating excessive boat noise, or damaging shoreline with large wakes is an extremely effective way to make a difference. If a conversation is difficult, you might consider dropping off some of our materials, which can be printed here.

Volunteer your time

Please fill out the Volunteer Form so that we can best fit your skills and experience with our current needs.

Your information will be kept private, and only used by committee members. Our Volunteer Chair will contact you shortly once the form is completed and submitted.

Donations will be used to produce educational communication materials to help spread the word about Safe Quiet Lakes. We will also produce submissions to regulatory and enforcement bodies.

Donate Online with PayPal here

By Mail

Mail a cheque payable to Safe Quiet Lakes to:

Safe Quiet Lakes
c/o Linda Stockton, Treasurer
PO Box 358
Rosseau, Ontario,
P0C 1J0

Please be sure to include your complete contact information: full name, address (with Postal Code), phone number and email address so that we can keep you informed of our activities and progress. Many thanks for your support.