Printable Material

Safe Quiet Lakes welcomes other like-minded organizations as partners in disseminating our messages. Please feel free to print and distribute unaltered copies of the materials that appear below.

Terms of Use: Reproduction of Safe Quiet Lakes materials must be in the unaltered format without any modification to content, colour or graphic layout. The addition of any text or graphics to any Safe Quiet Lakes materials must be authorized in writing by Safe Quiet Lakes.

We also welcome Muskoka-based volunteers who would like to distribute materials in their area and we will supply professionally printed copies. If you are outside Muskoka, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with printed materials at cost.

Professionally printed copies of our Boater’s Code cards (5″x7″), 9KM or 10KM Seagull cards, Muffler and Captain’s Choice card, Right of Way stickers (4×4), and Outdoor Signs (20″x30″) are available.

Please contact us at for more information.