Share the Lake Award

The search is underway for the
2021 Safe Quiet Lakes - "Share the Lakes" Award

This award recognizes an individual or organization who's energy and initiatives have resulted in significant, sustainable action that protects and ensures safe, quiet, and respectful boating practices so that current and future generations can continue to enjoy the unique and peaceful environment of the Muskoka Lakes.

Who might be eligible for this award?

  • Policy influencers who through activism have created change in government regulations and policies that support safe, quiet, and respectful boating practices.
  • Innovators who have created devices or applications that reduce boat noise and/or protect shorelines (eg: devices that make muffles quieter, speed indicators on the river to protect shorelines, etc.)
  • Educators/communicators who create sustainable programs to alter/influence behaviour consistent with safe, quiet, and respectful boating practices.
  • Manufacturers, marinas, or other retailers whose products or services have been tailored to encourage responsible boating practices.

Nomination forms can be downloaded here: SQL Award - Nomination Form -Updated

Deadline for nominations: December 31, 2021

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