Get Involved

You can support Safe Quiet Lakes by starting the conversation in your area, volunteering your time and expertise, or donating today.

Start the conversation

Very often, a quiet word with a neighbour who is operating a watercraft in an unsafe or disrespectful manner, creating excessive boat noise, or damaging shoreline with large wakes is an extremely effective way to make a difference. If a conversation is difficult, you might consider dropping off some of our materials, which can be printed here.

Volunteer your time

Safe Quiet Lakes has been advocating safe and responsible recreational boating since 2011. Our success is through efforts of committed individuals volunteering and leading the organization and the support of our generous donors. Our strategies of Advocacy, Communication and Education are gradually making a difference, as confirmed by feedback from over 3000 respondents to our landmark 2017 Lake User survey. We now have an involved and active email list of 2000 committed individuals who support our efforts.

With our active agenda we are searching for new Volunteers who want to make a difference in Muskoka by joining this exciting organization and help lead our future direction. Whether you wish to join our Board or not, we also welcome participation on one of our committees, which include Communication, Fundraising, Outreach, Research and Advocacy.

Get involved – contact us at for more information.


We are continuing to work with lake associations, municipalities and marinas to distribute our Boater’s Code signs and post cards and talking to many boaters at area events.  In addition to these educational initiatives, we have ambitious action plans focusing on wakes, noise, speed and safety and need your help to make them happen.

We receive financial support through municipal grants, corporate sponsors and lake association donations but we do rely on the generosity of the individuals to be able to continue our educational and advocacy initiatives.   Every donation is acknowledged and appreciated.