What We Stand For

Our Mission:

To be a leading voice in promoting safe, quiet waterways and respectful boating practices through education, advocacy and legislative change.

Vision Statement:

The enjoyment of safe, quiet waterways will be ensured for all – boaters, non-boaters, wildlife, aquatic life, businesses and communities – for generations to come.

Value Statement:

  • Evidence-based advocacy
  • Pro-active approach to education
  • Inclusiveness with our stakeholders

Muskoka Boating Culture: Boaters Always Care

Boaters operate with caution and courtesy.

Always keep a 360 watch and minimize wake and noise.

Care for passengers, respect regulations and offer PFD’s and safety instruction.

We believe that lakes should be:

  1. Safe for everyone who wants to use the lake every day; safe for swimmers and all types of motorized and human-powered craft. High speeds, oversized craft and excessive noise increase the risk for everyone.
  2. Quiet enough so that everyone can enjoy nature’s sounds, speak at normal voice levels and not be startled or awakened by intrusive noises.
  3. Sustainable environmentally so we can share this resource with future generations. Large wakes erode shorelines, loud noises disrupt wildlife and emissions damage the environment.
  4. Protected by all residents, businesses and visitors sharing in the responsibility of keeping our lakes safe, quiet and sustainable by talking to their neighbours and doing their best to reinforce safety and courtesy.

Safe Quiet Lakes was formed in 2011 by representatives of lake associations in Central Ontario. We work collaboratively with lake community stakeholders to promote safer and quieter lakes.

Safe Quiet Lakes continues to engage lake community stakeholders in Ontario to work toward our shared objective of safer and quieter lakes.