2016 Quiet Campaign Video

SQL3 - from videoA joint media campaign between Safe Quiet Lakes and the Ontario Provincial

One of our most important communications initiatives this year was production of a short 3.5 minute video that provides an overview of what our organization is about, and how we are working with the OPP to make our lakes safer and quieter.

We hope you enjoy this video and encourage you to send the link to friends. We are always
interested in feedback and recommendations for improving our communications products.

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N63q8KebdE” title=”Quiet%20Campaign%20Video” modestbranding=”1″]
The video was shot during our May 21 Victoria Day media event in Port Carling with the OPP, and includes an excellent explanation from a marine patrol officer on the legal requirement that boats on our lakes must be muffled at all times.

The video also shows the OPP marine patrol conducting safety checks on boats, and distributing Safe Quiet Lakes material such as our Boaters Code and right-of-way decal. The OPP distributes our materials on waterways in the Huntsville area as well as Muskoka.

The video, on the safequiet.ca website and YouTube channel, has been distributed to cottager associations, municipalities and other stakeholders, and has been very well received. A shorter version has been distributed through Twitter and other social media.


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