Renters need to know the rules of the road

I applaud what you’re trying to do and I hope your efforts will lead to some much needed new regulations and better enforcement. There’s a real problem with boat and jet ski rentals and making sure the the renters know what they’re doing. I’ve seen a rental company delivering jet skis at our marina several times and they don’t appear … Read More

New PFD idea

We had some work done on our dock while the ice was still in. Everything is quiet and serene on the lake right now but the boating season will begin heating up as soon as the ice is out. We are starting to build lists and we’re anticipating another fun summer at the cottage. One of the things that made … Read More

Ski Safe – A Cautionary Tale

This is a true story from Little Lake Joseph a few years ago .The names have been changed. Friday is here at last and Dad should be arriving at the cottage soon. He promised me that he would take me water skiing as soon as he arrived. Mom has made Dad’s favourite dinner but she says it will wait until … Read More

Sailboat Right-Of-Way

We’ve been sailing this boat for over 70 years and while most powerboaters are respectful, there are too many who don’t seem to understand that a sailboat has right of way over power boats at almost all times — no matter what direction they are approaching each other from. The only exceptions are that a sailboat should give way to … Read More

Shoreline erosion

We are lucky enough to have a quiet, wind-protected shoreline across from our dock. Unfortunately, it is the type of shoreline that attracts wakeboarders who will board up and down for two hours or more, pounding the shoreline with their wake. They include families and wakeboard schools that come all the way from Lake Rosseau to Lake Jo to hold … Read More