Are really loud boats a problem on your lake or river?

Email your MP and let them know what they can do to help make our lakes quieter!

What’s This About?

Excessive boat motor noise, caused by boats with no mufflers or ineffective mufflers is a problem on many waterways in Canada. The current regulations are very difficult to enforce so police are not able to deal with the problem.

What You Can Do

Use the tool below to send an email to your member of parliament and the Minister of Transportation today! It will only take a minute or two. Simply by inputting your name, email and postal code you will make your voice heard. Please edit the email and add information such as the name of your lake or river, the region you are in and a description of how you are affected by excessive boat motor noise. If you have two properties (ie. one at the lake and the other in a city), please submit your letter twice using each postal code to ensure both your representatives know this issue matters to you.

Numbers matter to politicians and the more they hear about this problem the faster it will get addressed. Thanks for your help!